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Who We Are - Rhythm Connect, LLC

Who We Are


"I got a fever, and the only prescription . . . is more cowbell!" --Bruce Dickinson (a.k.a.--Christopher Walken, SNL)

Rhythm Connect is a unique family-friendly interactive music experience ~
birthday parties, school field trips & assemblies, rhythm events, classes, team building, senior programs and much more!

Play Music. Enjoy Community!

Our Philosophy

If it’s true that necessity is the mother of invention, then rhythm is the daddy! Without rhythm nothing is sustainable. Our very existence depends on rhythm for survival. From the rotation of the earth to our heart beat . . . rhythm is the heart of effectiveness.

  • Rhythm vs. “Arrhythmia”

Rhythm is simply a regular recurring pattern and comes from a Greek word meaning “to flow” (gives new meaning to the expression, “Going with the flow . . .”). When we are in rhythm we know it with our entire being.

Arrhythmia, on the other hand, is the antithesis to rhythm. It is a disturbance in the rhythm of the heart. It’s when things are out of sync, abrupt, chaotic, and we feel it just as powerfully.

Rhythm and arrhythmia apply in the class room, conference room, or living room. It’s about how we learn, how we work, and how we live. Effective patterns produce a sustainable rhythm that results in an empowering learning environment, engaged employees, or personal well-being. Unhealthy patterns are dysfunctional and arrhythmic, resulting in stress, disengagement, poor performance, burnout, and ineffectiveness.

  • Our Mission

Ed Keegan is the owner/facilitator of Rhythm Connect. “My desire is to help people find their own rhythm and to empower people to learn, work, & live in rhythm!” -Ed Keegan

  • Our Approach

Rhythm is both a metaphor and the method. We facilitate learning, working, living, and playing in rhythm through hands-on–literally–interactive rhythm programs and events. Each person is given a rhythm instrument and experientially participates as a group. A trained facilitator leads the group through various rhythm segments linked to the desired outcomes. We have great success working with all types of organizations–schools, businesses, and non-profits–and people, including those who consider themselves “rhythmically challenged!”

Our store is:

  • Unique–we are a music store like no other–in design and layout, the products we offer, our unbeatable added value, and our exhilarating interactive programs
  • Accessible–not just for drummers, we appeal to the drummer in all of us–like our slogan says, Rhythm Connect is a place “where everyone’s a drummer!”
  • Experientialfrom the moment you walk in, our enticing interactive zones invite you to freely experiment with rhythm
  • Family-Friendly–children of all ages are always welcome, and families can come in an enjoy exploring rhythm together
  • Fun!–it’s hard to walk by a drum and not hit it, and you can’t help but smile and have fun playing in our store

Our exhilarating programs and events are:

  • Customizable–we create programs and events that meet your needs
  • Valuablebacked by solid research revealing powerful benefits
  • Powerful–promotes right-brain thinking that stimulates creativity & innovation
  • Accessiblerequire NO musical background
  • Affordablewe offer our highly engaging format at our facility or we can come to you
  • Empoweringparticipants are guaranteed to stay awake as they learn by doing
  • Unforgettableparticipants will continue talking about it long after it’s over!
Got the fever? Get the prescription . . . more cowbell!